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Coaching and monitoring for your complex patients

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 Support for your patients and your practice team
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Improving patient outcomes

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We help your patients self-manage their conditions, adhere to medications, and access preventive services.

Making your clinical time more efficient

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We support patients between visits, answering questions, keeping you updated on patient progress, and escalating emergent issues.


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Early detection from vitals monitoring or patient-reported symptoms triggers protocols and alerts to our care team.

How does the Ibis Program work?

Greater Adherence to Your Care Plans

Ibis Health turns your care plan into actionable self-care steps that patients can follow everyday. Patients receive a dedicated tablet and access to a virtual care team to help them self-manage their symptoms, medications, diet and lifestyle.

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Making your clinical time more efficient

Our team monitors patient symptoms and vitals on a daily basis. We escalate emergent issues to your office and can assist with care transitions, medication reconciliation, and other care coordination functions.

Our services are covered by Medicare Part B


Ibis increases the insights you have into patients at home and between visits.

Karthik Ravindran, MD, ABIM

Medical Director

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Available in MA, ME, NH, RI, CT, PA & NC

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