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Take Control of Your Health

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Learn how to manage your health better so you can live well

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Access the care you need from the comfort of home


Hospital Visits

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Better self-care leads to fewer unwanted trips to the hospital

Covered by Part B

A Covered Medicare Benefit

Customized For Your Needs

Power to Live Well

* Ibis Health is covered by Medicare Part B

Who is Ibis Health For ?

Do you or a loved one
Take Multiple Medications ?
Have 1 or more Doctors ?
Have 2 or more Health Conditions ?

Conditions include:

COPD, Heart Failure,  Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety Disorders.

Who Pays?

Medicare covers Ibis Health care under "Part B".

Call us to see if you are eligible for Ibis Health


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How Do I Start?

Contact our friendly advisors with any questions and to learn more

Learn to Take Control of Your Health


I have reclaimed my life and using Ibis is fun!


Ibis Health helps me stay home and away from the Hospital.

One Step at a Time

By breaking down your Doctor's care plan into small steps, it's easier to get through each day. 

Ibis Health provides the tools and support to help you manage your own health, helping to keep you safe at home and out of the Hospital.