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The latest news from Ibis Health


UniCare members

Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA) offer Ibis Health to retirees

Massachusetts public retirees receive personal invitations to join the Ibis Health Program, by Senscio

August 21, 2023

Representative Kate Hogan of Stow;
"This is an exciting opportunity to enhance our seniors' safety and access to health. One of the silver linings from the pandemic is the increased use of digitally-enabled health care, which gives people more tools for managing their health needs. I'm glad to see that Maynard is making digital-first services, like the Ibis Health Program, available to its health plan members to help individuals stay healthier and potentially reduce the need for costly health care services in the future."

UniCare partners with Senscio Systems

UniCare Now Offering Innovative Program to Reduce Hospital Admissions, Improve Health Outcomes for Older Adults

February 28, 2023

ANDOVER, MASS. — UniCare is now offering an innovative, at-home solution to manage chronic conditions as part of its continuing efforts to improve the health of its members by simplifying the healthcare experience. Through its partnership with Senscio Systems, UniCare retiree members will have access to a new virtual chronic care management program called Ibis Health that supports each individual’s whole health through daily connected care, round-the-clock monitoring, and one-to-one monthly support.

Mass Retirees endorses the partnership with UniCare

UniCare and Senscio announce Telehealth partnership - Ibis Health platform helps manage chronic illnesses

March 1, 2023

Shawn Duhamel, Mass Retirees_
“We are very excited that UniCare and Senscio have come together to offer Ibis to Medicare enrollees. As members know, we work closely with both companies. Each provides excellent service to retirees,” said Mass Retirees CEO Shawn Duhamel. “For certain retirees managing chronic illnesses, Ibis Health is a fantastic and easy to use tool. If we can lower healthcare costs, while helping retirees live healthier and better lives, then that is a true win-win.”

Ibis Health working with UniCare to improve Whole Health for members


The Shift to Whole Person Health

Mass Retirees, March 2022 Voice: 

As healthcare costs have continued to rise, a major focus of Mass Retirees has been to look for and promote new ideas and solutions aimed at maintaining our members’ health while taking steps to keep insurance costs down. 

Ibis Health helps high-risk Patients monitor symptoms of COVID-19


Real-Time Clinical Information to Save Lives

Mass Retirees, June 2020: 

"This partnership is a critical step to help our members get immediate access to new health technology that has been proven to help seniors with chronic health conditions and can now also play a pivotal role in identifying the symptoms of COVID-19. Our members and their families will also benefit from the online portal to share real-time updates with family and caretakers about their health. 

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