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The Ibis Health Program for Medicare members

Medicare recognizes that some people need additional health support between medical office visits - and that's what Ibis Health is for!

Elyse Callahan, Member Advocate for Ibis Health

The Ibis Health Program is for any Medicare member who:

  • Takes multiple medications

  • Has frequent medical visits

  • Has troubling symptoms

  • Needs to monitor vital signs

  • Lives alone or needs support from family caregivers

Stay healthy and independent

Your Ibis team and your IbisHub™ tablet are always here to answer your questions and get you the help you need - so you can manage your health conditions better from home. 

Regular Telehealth Visits

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Check in regularly with your advocate by phone or through your IbisHub™ tablet. Ibis helps you live healthy and manage your symptoms better at home.

Instant Alerts and Advice

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When something isn't quite right with your vitals, you get an instant alert with step-by-step instructions, plus a call from an Ibis clinician to check on you or offer advice.

how it works

Easy Self-Care Steps

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Every day you get reminders to take your medications, to record your vitals, eat healthy, exercise, relax and more.

Healthy Living Choices

Older man with his dog

Learn to live healthy at home, stay indepdent, and avoid unwanted trips to the hospital. We support your Whole Health.

Ibis services are covered
by Medicare Part B

If you have 2 or more chronic conditions, Medicare Part B will reimburse Ibis to help you to manage those conditions.

Set Your

Icon with individual for personal health care

You set your own goals with the Ibis clinical team. You review your progress regularly with your care team and set new goals. 

Monitor Your Health

Icon with heart and EKG reading for vitals monitoring

Recording your daily vitals is easier than you think. Ibis will provide you all medical devices and teach you how to use them. 


Icon with Ibis Telehealth tablet for constant connection

Your IbisHub™ tablet is always connected and clinicians monitor your vitals daily. You can also send messages directly to us anytime. 

See Your
Own Data

Icon with charts on a monitor showing access to health data

You can access your health data through IbisHub™. Monthly reports are mailed to you and your doctor to track your progress.

Personal plan
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