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Questions about Ibis Health

Q. Who is eligible for Ibis Health services?

Individuals with 2 or more ongoing medical conditions can benefit from Ibis Health. Here are some additional suggestions for successful outcomes:


  • Physical ability 

Ibis members must be able to, independently or with caregiver assistance, interact with a touch screen device. This includes the ability to recharge the device and read large text on the screen. 


  • Cognitive awareness 

Ibis Health members must be able to, independently or with caregiver assistance, complete their IbisHub reminders on a daily basis. If a member understands why IbisHub is in their home and what it does for them, their daily usage is almost guaranteed. 


  • Motivation 

Ibis Health works best when an individual's desire to improve their health is high. While motivation fluctuates, a willingness to try to improve day-to-day living is essential. 


  • Comfort with technology 

New Ibis Health members do not need any experience with technology, but they should be willing to learn and adopt. Internet and IbisHub hardware is provided as an insurance-covered benefit of Ibis Health. 


  • Phone calls

Responding and using the telephone is a basic requirement for access to Ibis Health. If you do not have a telephone line in your residence, Ibis Health can connect you with organizations to  get you set up. 

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Q. Who pays for Ibis Health services?

Ibis is a Medicare covered service if you have two or more chronic conditions.

The program's telemedicine services for home-based chronic health management are covered by Medicare. The program is delivered by a care team including coaches, nurses, social workers, mental health counselors and is led by Medicare credentialed clinicians. Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions requiring monitoring can choose to sign up for Ibis Health. 

What other medical insurance does Ibis Health accept? 

Ibis accepts all Medicare supplemental payers and many Medicare Advantage plans.

Please call us to verify if your insurance will cover Ibis Health at 888-626-9995

Q. What conditions are covered by Medicare for Ibis Health?

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) qualifies individuals for Ibis Health if they are enrolled in Medicare Part B and have 2 or more chronic conditions, including but not limited to the following: 

Alcoholism, Hepatitis, Alzheimer's, HIV/Aids, Anxiety, Hip Fracture, Asthma, Hypertension, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Atrial Fibrillation, Liver Disease, History of Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Lung Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, Mobility Impairment, Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Peptic/Duodenal Ulcer, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Obesity, COPD, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Schizophrenia, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Failure, Tobacco Dependence.


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Q. How does the Ibis Health Program work?  

Ibis Health is a comprehensive virtual health service, aligned to your Primary Doctors treatment plan.  With our in-house clinical staff and a secure Telehealth connection to your home, you can stay connected to Ibis every day.  


♥ Your dedicated Member Advocate

You will have a dedicated Member Advocate to be your point of contact and oversee your needs.  Available by phone and text, your advocate will guide you through the steps to manage your daily self-care. 

  • Follow your progress

  • Coordinate your visits

  • Send you messages on your IbisHub

  • Call you monthly to check in with you

Ibis Member Advocates help you access your doctors when you really need them, so you have more time doing the things you enjoy doing. 

♥ Personal health goals and support

Once you are set-up with Ibis Health, you will meet with an Ibis Health clinician via telehealth to complete a non-intrusive health assessment. Things you will discuss during this appointment include;

  • Your current treatment plan

  • Your goals for your health

  • Identify any gaps in your care and make referrals

♥ Your personal telehealth tool

You will be provided with a user-friendly telehealth communication device called IbisHub.  A touch screen tablet device, that connects you to your healthcare team in real-time.

Your Personal Tablet, the IbisHub™

Ibis tabet

Ibis will become your tool to manage your health, sending you reminders to record your symptoms, take your vitals or to take medication.  Your advocate is connected to you through the hub and will also send you friendly reminders, and you can also send them a message when you need help.


♥ I don’t have a computer?  I don’t have the Internet?  

That’s OK. Your Ibis tablet has a built-in, pre-paid internet connection, so you can access Ibis Health with ease. 


♥ Continuous monitoring of your vitals and symptoms

Your Ibis Health clinical team monitors your vitals remotely. When you are at risk of a health episode your Ibis Health Specialist will initiate Telehealth clinical services for you to ensure you get the care you need right at home.   

Recording your vitals is easier than you think.  Ibis Health will provide you with any FDA approved medical devices as required by your personal care plan.  You will receive training to help you learn to take your vitals and enter them on IbisHub™.

♥ Detailed health vitals reporting and analysis

Ibis Health continuously monitors your vitals remotely, day-to-day and year-to-year.  Your health patterns are mapped over time and you and your doctors are sent reports with your vital signs charts on a periodic basis.

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Q. How does Ibis keep me out of the hospital?

♥ Responding to health episodes in the moment

For every day health upsets or sudden changes in your vitals or symptoms, you get instant alerts.  You are guided through step-by-step actions to self-remedy your symptoms the instant they occur, at home.  And when you need help, your advocate and nurse are there to support you.

♥ Preventing health decline and hospitalization

Because Ibis Health monitors your daily vitals so closely, we can identify when you are at risk for a serious health event, reducing unnecessary trips to the emergency room. We work with your Primary Doctor and Specialists to make sure your health reports are reviewed and reminders are added to Ibis.

Q. What about my Privacy?

Ibis Health Services is Medicare approved provider. Your rights, your privacy, your health data and health records are protected under the Federal HIPAA Privacy Rule 45 CFR 164.530(B).


Q. What happens after I request call?

When you request a call from an Ibis Health Intake Advisor there are a few steps that take place before your enrollment is confirmed:


♥ ​Introductory call 

The intake advisor will call you to answer your questions and go over initial background information, such as your health conditions, your medications, and whether you are a Medicare member. We may move forward with full enrollment if you are ready to do so. If so, we will gather your insurance information and confirm technical equipment needs. You will receive a confirmation letter following your initial call with Ibis Health.

Welcome kit is mailed to you

You will receive your personal Ibis Health Kit with set-up guide in the mail, including your personalized Telehealth tablet and the FDA-approved monitoring devices you need.  

♥ Telehealth visit with an Ibis clinician

You will complete a non-intrusive intake call with an Ibis Health clinician to talk over your current treatment plan, your personal goals and identify any gaps in your care and make referrals.

♥ Welcome to Ibis Health

Your health journey with Ibis begins...

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