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Welcome Massachusetts Municipal Retirees!

Learn more about the Ibis Health Program 

Virtual Care for Retirees with Multiple Chronic Conditions

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You can receive daily connected virtual care to help you manage multiple chronic conditions at home, with round-the-clock monitoring and instant health alerts and one-to-one monthly support.


The Ibis Health program is offered at no-extra cost to municipal retirees covered by Blue Cross of Massachusetts through the Massachusetts Municipal Association's Health Trust.​

Conditions include Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Failure, COPD, Arthritis, Kidney disease, High Cholesterol, Depression and Anxiety Disorders.....

Ibis coordinates with your doctors and specialists to keep you well and on the go.

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The Mass Retirees Association endorses the Ibis Health Program

Shawn Duhamel, CEO of Mass Retirees and Brenton Stoddart, Director of Ibis Health by Senscio explore how the Ibis tablet works.

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A benefit of the MIIA Health Benefits Trust

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