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Welcome Retired Teachers Chapter of the Boston Teachers Union!

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Learn more about the Ibis Health Program 

A Medicare Covered Health Support Program

For Individuals With Multiple Ongoing Health Conditions

The Ibis Health Program provides one-to-one monthly support, continuous health monitoring and medication management. You receive personalized Telehealth tools and access to a dedicated clinical support team to help you manage your daily health. 


The Ibis Health program is covered by Medicare Part B and supplemental Medicare plans.​

Conditions include Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Failure, COPD, Arthritis, Kidney disease, High Cholesterol, Depression and Anxiety Disorders.....

Ibis coordinates with your doctors and specialists to keep you well and on the go.

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Select a time that works for you to receive a call 

Schedule a time to speak with Martha, our Ibis intake advisor:

Latest news

The Mass Retirees Association and Wellpoint endorses the Ibis Health Program

David Morales, General Manager of Wellpoint and Shawn Duhamel, CEO of Mass Retirees discuss how Ibis Health supports the whole health of members.

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