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WellPoint & Ibis Health:
Partners for Better Health at Home

Get the support you need to confidently manage your health and stay healthier between doctor visits.

WellPoint (formerly UniCare) is proud to partner with Ibis Health, an innovative program that empowers you with the tools and support to manage your health effectively at home. With Ibis, you may be able to reduce the need for costly hospitalizations and ER visits.

What Is The Ibis Health Program?

  • Ibis Health provides you with ongoing support, personalized care guidance, and user-friendly technology to help you track your health and stay on top of your doctor's care plan.

  • The Ibis program includes:

    • A dedicated team of clinicians and advocates

    • An intuitive Tablet for tracking vital signs, medication reminders, appointments, and communicating with your care team.

    • Medical-grade monitoring devices so your doctor can keep up with your health between visits.

Member Success Stories

Ibis Program FAQ

Does Ibis Cost Anything?

No! Ibis's telehealth services are fully covered by Medicare Part B and your WellPoint plan.

Do I Have To Change My Doctor?

No! Ibis works seamlessly with your existing doctors, ensuring everyone has the information they need for optimal care.

I'm pretty healthy now - do I need Ibis?

Even healthy members benefit from proactive care support, and if you ever need to go to the ER or Hospital, the Ibis team knows your health status so they can jump in to support you.

Ready to experience the Ibis difference?

If you’d like more information now, call us at 888-626-9995.

Experience a new level of health management with the combined power of WellPoint and Ibis Health.

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