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Managing hypertension at home with daily monitoring and ongoing support

Chronic kidney symptoms include trouble sleeping, itchy skin, fatigue, swelling, nausea or vomiting, loss of appetite, change in urine

How can Ibis help you manage Hypertension?

Daily monitoring of your blood pressure, to detect any sudden changes that require medical attention

Tracks symptoms such as pain, swelling and fatigue

Lifestyle change support to work towards your personal goals

PCP cardiologist and other specialists follow up, Ibis coordinates with all your providers

Monthly one-to-one support with your advocate

About Hypertension

Hypertension, often described as high blood pressure, is a common condition that affects half of American adults and nearly 75% of Americans over the age of 60. With time, hypertension that is not well controlled can seriously harm the body, particularly the heart and kidneys, and increases the risk of having a stroke.

Blood pressure is measured as two numbers, the top (systolic) pressure and the bottom (diastolic) pressure. In general, the goal blood pressure is often 120/80 or less. This goal number can vary depending upon individual criteria such as age and other chronic conditions. If either number is higher than your target range, we have to work to lower it, and your Ibis Health team can help.

The Ibis Health Program

As part of your Hypertension Care Plan, Ibis will ask you questions about your diet, exercise routine and any symptoms you may be having. In addition to tracking your blood pressure, Ibis may also record your heart rate, oxygen saturation and weight. At the same time, Ibis will help create a plan that works for your lifestyle, including medication reminders, diet and exercise changes and lifestyle goals that you can follow with daily guidance.

How can I regain control?

Lifestyle changes and medication can help to control and manage high blood pressure.

Ibis Health supports you to incorporate diet changes and exercise in a way that works for your life. We understand these changes are difficult to adopt and work to customize a plan that works for you.

If you have other conditions such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia or heart disease, the Ibis care team will coordinate across each of your providers and monitor your medications to ensure symptoms and changes are followed up.

The Ibis Health Program is covered by Medicare Part B and Medicare Supplemental Insurance or Medicaid. Visit

If you would like to speak to an Ibis Health advisor, please call 888-626-9995


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