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Managing heart failure at home with daily monitoring and ongoing support Ibis Health virtual care

How can Ibis help you manage Heart Failure?

Daily vitals monitoring

Lifestyle change support

Cardiologist follow up

Monthly one-to-one support

Heart failure exacerbations can be prevented with close monitoring and proactive response

About Heart Failure

When someone hears the term “Heart Failure” they may assume this means the heart is no longer working, but actually, Heart Failure is a diagnosis meaning that the heart is no longer working as well as it should in pumping blood around the body.

When the heart does not pump blood well, it can back up, much like traffic on a congested highway. In the case of “Congestive Heart Failure” the backup causes fluid to collect in the lungs, causing shortness of breath, and in the lower legs and feet causing edema. The treatment of Heart Failure involves a multi-faceted approach first targeting the treatment of any underlying conditions such as high blood pressure. A fluid pill, aka a “diuretic” is often added to help reduce fluid collection in the lungs and/or body. Other medications may be needed to improve heart function. Additionally, lifestyle changes may be needed including diet and exercise modifications. All of this can leave someone feeling overwhelmed, but Ibis can help. Ibis technology organizes the many pieces into an individualized care plan made specifically for you.

The Ibis Health Program

As part of your Heart Failure Care Plan, Ibis will ask you questions about your breathing, swelling in the legs and feet, and chest discomfort. Ibis may also collect data such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and weight. When this information is combined, it presents a regularly updated summary of how your heart is doing. At the same time, Ibis will offer helpful tips including medication reminders, lifestyle goals, and other information, and you can follow your progress on the Ibis platform, gaining confidence as you watch your data improve with your effort.

How can I regain control?

The treatment of Heart Failure first involves targeting the treatment of any underlying conditions such as high blood pressure. Medications are often needed to reduce fluid in the body and also improve heart function.

Additionally, lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise are required. All of this can be overwhelming, but Ibis Health can help. We work with you to create an individualized self-care plan for your personal needs.

With daily guided steps we work together to improve your heart health so you can gain the skills you need and confidence to improve your health.

The Ibis Health Program is covered by Medicare Part B and Medicare Supplemental Insurance or Medicaid. Visit

If you would like to speak to an Ibis Health advisor, please call 888-626-9995


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