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Stay Independent with Ibis Health

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Take charge of your health and stay in the house you love with proactive care, connected technology, and a dedicated support team.

Ibis Health empowers you to manage your health with confidence and peace of mind. Our innovative program provides simple tools and personalized support, helping you stay on track with your health goals and reduce the need for disruptive hospital stays, ER visits, and urgent care.

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The Power of Ibis Health

  • The Ibis Tablet: Your easy-to-use health companion. Track vital signs, get medication reminders, stay organized with appointments, and connect with your Care Team.

  • The Ibis Care Team: Your dedicated support network of remote clinicians and health advocates, working with you and your doctors to optimize your care plan.

  • Proactive Health Management: Preventative monitoring and personalized guidance help you take charge of your health day-to-day, potentially avoiding costly and stressful healthcare events.

Contact An Ibis Enrollment Advisor To See If Ibis Is Right For You

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Is Ibis Right For Me?

Medicare Advantage Coverage: Ibis Health is free with most Medicare Advantage plans. Find out if you're eligible.

Your Existing Doctors: Ibis works seamlessly with your doctors, providing them with the latest information to keep your care coordinated.

Proactive Support: Whether you have multiple chronic conditions or want to stay on top of your health, Ibis provides the tools and guidance for a healthier future.

Ready to experience the Ibis difference?

If you’d like more information now, call us at 888-626-9995.

Experience a new level of health management with  Ibis Health.

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