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Member Consent Forms

Accessing your consent forms in the Nexus patient portal

Dear Ibis Member,


Thank you for enrolling in the Ibis Health Program. Ibis provides Chronic Care Management (CCM) support to patients who are managing multiple chronic health conditions. We look forward to working with you to help you adhere to the care plan outlined by your doctors so that you can achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Please find below the four files that are available for you to download through your patient portal. These files are also always available on your Ibis tablet in the Learning Console (look for the book icon), and physical (or emailed) copies can be requested at any time at

  1. A Consent to receive medical services from Ibis and permission to bill your insurance

  2. A Medical Records Release Authorization form which gives us permission to request records from your doctor and share our records with them

  3. A notice of privacy practices which outlines your rights to privacy and our responsibility to keep your data secure

  4. A Services Agreement for the use of the IbisHub Tablet and medical devices to monitor your health status at home

Your relationship with your primary care provider and other specialists you see for acute care does not change with your participation in the Ibis Health Program. Our doctors, nurses and health advocates will help you stay healthy and independent at home by following your primary care provider’s care plan. 

Please contact your enrollment specialist or member advocate if you have any questions or would like assistance accessing your patient portal through

Our commitment to the safety of your health and related data is unwavering. Welcome to Ibis!


Your Ibis Care Team

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