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Learn with Kim - All about the Ibis Health Program

Meet Kim O'Mahoney

Director of clinical services, Ibis Health and Nurse Practitioner

You're Invited!

Tuesday, June 20

12pm-1pm, EST

Monthly online webinar series to learn all about the Ibis Health Program for chronic conditions.

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Chronic Care Specialist, Kim O'Mahoney invites you to learn about the Ibis Health Program.

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What will I learn?

♥  What the program is, how it works and how it could help you .

♥  What health conditions are supported on the program.

♥  Who the Ibis Health team are and what they do.

♥  How Ibis coordinates your care with your doctors and specialists.

Please note, this webinar is for information purposes only. There is no obligation to join the Ibis Health Program or to share your information publicly.

Here's what our members say about Ibis:

Sharon Shane

“It takes me through my morning medications and eating my breakfast, and just generally checking off things that I don’t think to do, like drinking water.”


“Overall it’s a help. It’s not like going to the doctor’s every week, but it’s reminders, little nudges here and there, for the things that you need to be aware of.”

Kathy Estabrook

“They coordinate with your doctors, which is what I wanted to make sure of, because I didn’t want my doctor to think I didn’t trust them.

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