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The Ibis Health Program

Daily Chronic Care Management for complex patients

The Ibis Health program is for patients with multiple chronic conditions who need help managing their day to day health. Practices can provide comprehensive virtual care to their highest need population between visits with a specialized home to clinic system and an expert support team. 

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Daily engagement and support

Users are guided through daily health management tasks and receive just-in-time health alerts and clinical protocols to self-resolve symptoms in the home.

Integrated whole health services

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Psychosocial and therapeutic screening and interventions are delivered virtually through a personalized Ibishub in the patient's home. Practices can integrate behavioral health integration, remote patient monitoring and connect other services from the Ibis Health network providers as needed.


Virtual chronic care team

Your virtual care plan is supported with the Ibis team of chronic care specialists and member advocates. Your patients are coached monthly to follow the goals set in your plan.

It’s easy to get started

  • An experienced Ibis Chronic Care Specialist (CCS) serves as your clinical liaison to the Ibis Program and care team.

  • Your practice staff can quickly start documenting time they spend on care coordination.

Actionable patient-centered care plans to guide your patients.

Care platform delivers engagement, adherence and insights.


Easy time-tracking and access to clinical notes and summaries. 

Ibis™ is your partner in proactive care management, helping improve patient care while creating a sustainable revenue stream for your practice.

The tools and support you need to deliver virtual chronic care management

Increase capacity

Increase capacity

Deliver CCM through the Ibis network

Productive AWVs

Productive AWVs

Engagement between visits for quality face time

Screening monthly

Screening monthly

Early detection prevents health decline

Joined up care

Joined up care

Bridge care gaps and track continuity of care

Empower patients

Empower patients

Patients learn to manage their own health

Integrate all care

Integrate all care

Achieve whole-person health through CCM

Triage in the home

Triage in the home

Your care team is alerted when escalation is needed

Self-care support

Self-care support

Goal setting for overall improved health

Monthly tracking

Monthly tracking

Automate medication management

Automated care planning and coordination through Ibis™
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Leverage the Ibis™ network of expert clinical providers for proactive care
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Learn more about the Ibis Health Program for complex patients

  • More efficient use of your clinical time

  • Increased adherence to your care plan

  • A sustainable reimbursement model for proactive care management


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HIPAA compliant

Ibis Health is fully HIPAA compliant

Ibis Health is a part of Senscio Systems Inc. a technology-enabled population health company redefining chronic care management for the most complex health.


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