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About Ibis Health

Virtual care partners for practices serving the highest need patients

The Ibis Health Program and the Ibis™ care platform are part of Senscio Systems, a digital health company with a mission to make every day easier for everyone with complex health and those who care for them. 

Senscio developed the Ibis Health Program to provide daily, virtual, whole-person care planning and support for individuals with multiple chronic conditions and their care team using technology and virtual clinical support.

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Whole person care supported daily


Powered by patented technology developed by Senscio Systems, the Ibis Program improves patient engagement, adherence and outcomes while making clinical time more efficient for primary care teams.

94% recommend the Ibis Program
85% adherence to your treatment plan
36% reduction in hospital admissions

Learn more about the Ibis Health Program for complex patients

  • More efficient use of your clinical time

  • Increased adherence to your care plan

  • A sustainable reimbursement model for proactive care management


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HIPAA compliant

Ibis Health is fully HIPAA compliant

Ibis Health is a part of Senscio Systems Inc. a technology-enabled population health company redefining chronic care management for the most complex health.


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