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"My patient visits are more productive"
Laura Berges, MD

Improved Patient Health


Support your patients between office visits with virtual chronic care management and remote monitoring

Increased Practice Efficiency

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Work with Ibis Health to monitor vitals daily, triage patient calls and promote adherence to your care plan

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Get compensated for care coordination and remote monitoring with our virtual
CCM service

Enabling Chronic Care Management for Medical Practices


I have seen nothing else that can address the challenges of COPD management.

Chief Pulmonologist,

Hospital Pulmonary Department


Adherence to Your
Treatment Plan

Support for Your Care Plan

Ibis Health helps you support your patients with multiple chronic conditions by turning your care plan into actionable self-care steps that they can follow everyday. 

Patients receive a dedicated tablet and access to a virtual care team to help them self-manage their vitals, diet, medications, exercise and promote healthy behaviors.

Coordinated, Proactive Care

We coordinate between patient, specialists, behavioral health providers and pharmacists to help support the patient's overall health. 

With Ibis, your virtual care team gets alerts and can intervene before a patient calls your practice or calls 911.


Reduction in Hospital Admissions


New Revenue / Month
x 10 Patients on Ibis

Value for Practices

Ibis estimates that a practice delivering virtual CCM services can earn more than $250 per patient per month.


That means a practice with 10 patients enrolled could generate approximately $2500 per month in revenue for patients with the most complex health. See more

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