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Mass Retirees endorses the Ibis Health Program

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Mass Retirees

Our Mission: Keeping Retirees Safer at Home

Watch the video walkthrough of how the Ibis Health tablet works with Mass Retirees CEO, Shawn Duhamel and Senscio's Brenton Stoddart.

The Mass Retirees Association partnered with Senscio Systems, the parent company of the Ibis Health Program, in 2020. Three years on and Retirees across the Commonwealth continue to enjoy the benefits of the program, which supports the daily management of chronic conditions. 

In February 2023, Senscio announced it's partnership with UniCare to offer Ibis as a benefit of the UniCare Medicare Extension Plan.

“We are very excited that UniCare and Senscio have come together to offer Ibis to Medicare enrollees. As members know, we work closely with both companies. Each provides excellent service to retirees,” said Mass Retirees CEO Shawn Duhamel. “For certain retirees managing chronic illnesses, Ibis Health is a fantastic and easy to use tool. If we can lower healthcare costs, while helping retirees live healthier and better lives, then that is a true win-win.” Read the article

Ibis Health is also available through a partnership with the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association. 

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