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Lanelle's Story

I Don't Have to Worry So Much Now I Have Control

"Before Ibis, one day would blend into the next and I wasn't aware of changes and occasionally missed taking my medication.  Ibis keeps me aware of changes and keeps me honest.  I am very happy that I'm part of the program.

It's important to me to be conscious of my situation and any changes in my health.  I like to be able to note down how I'm feeling on a daily basis.  I like having a place where I can write down my weight, temperature, blood pressure and oxygen levels.”

Ibis member Lanelle

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Ibis Health is a virtual health program for individuals with 2 or more chronic conditions

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Do You or a Loved One Live with COPD, Heart Issues, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes or other ongoing disease? We Can Help.

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