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Connect Your Loved Ones with Virtual Care

Updates and Access to Real-Time Health Information 

With virtual care, your health charts and notes are available for you to access in the secure Ibis Health Portal. Your loved ones can also be given access to your patient portal with your permission. Enrolled loved one's receive:

  • Text Message Updates

  • Access to the Ibis Health Patient Portal

Providing you and your loved ones peace of mind that you are getting the care you need, when you need it. Schedule a call with Ibis Health to learn more.

Mother and daughter looking at an Ibis virtual care tablet.


"I love the it because they remind me when to take my meds and they really care about me."



"With Ibis I went from 50 hospital visits a year to 5. It's given me my life back."

Ibis member testimonial


"It's helping me to take care of myself. That's the important thing, the feeling of independence."

Ibis member testimonial
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