Patient-Centered - Made with Care

Dr. Piali De, PHD



We, the consumers of healthcare, must find a way to manage our own care.

Dr. Piali De co-founded Ibis Health with Dr. Hugh A. Stoddart, in 2018, with first-hand experience of a loved one facing the challenges of today's healthcare system.


The parent company, Senscio Systems was formed in 2010, bringing to life a patented AI platform that acts like the human brain.  In 2018, Ibis Health services was founded to serve the older population in the management of chronic diseases including diabetes, pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease (CHF), hypertension, depression, cognitive disabilities, pneumonia, and for palliative care and eldercare populations.

In April of 2017, Dr. De was appointed by Governor Charlie Baker to serve on the Massachusetts Digital Healthcare Council to advise the Governor of the digital healthcare industry in Massachusetts.

Dr. Piali De is a Brown University educated physicist responsible for developing artificial intelligence systems for the United States defense departments including a program developed after 9/11 to detect which airplanes could be a terrorist threat. She received two U.S. patents for this Mission Profiling™ technology.

Dr. Hugh A. Stoddart, PHD



AI is the future solution for the  strained workforce and delivering better quality care.

Dr. Hugh A. Stoddart is Chief Scientist and co-inventor of the powerful AI system that drives Ibis Health.  


Hugh's expertise is in medical instrumentation, physical optics, optical engineering, electronics, data analysis, statistics, modeling of complex physical systems, programming, application development, control theory, optimization theory, neural networks, pattern recognition and image processing.

Before co-founding Ibis Health Services, Hugh co-founded NeuroPhysics Corporation upon winning an Army small business innovation research,SBIR, proposal to develop a non-invasive device for the in-vivo measurement of oxygen saturation in the liver, to assess battlefield casualties.  Hugh then won a National Institute of Health, NIH, SBIR contract to develop a novel approach to measure oxygenation of the fetal brain during childbirth using sub-nanosecond, tunable, pulsed lasers and gated image intensifiers. Both products are now provided to Hospitals Globally by the Healthcare Technology leader Medtronic, as Covidien.

In 1987 Dr. Stoddart became a consultant to Strichman Medical Equipment, a manufacturer of a novel nuclear scanning device for the imaging of brain function.

Also a Brown University educated PHD, ScM, Hugh has been granted 4 patents in the field of Medical instrumentation.

Mike Charley, COO



There is always a better way and we are committed to make complex care better.

Mike is responsible for the business operations for Ibis Health, working with Health care partners to ensure equity in Health care for chronic health patients.

Mike has over 30 years of business leadership experience across all functional areas.  Working in leadership roles in both Fortune 100 Companies and small businesses, Mike understands the Health care industry and what it takes to deliver innovation.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Mike served for 20+ years as a Naval Aviator, commanding both afloat and ashore squadrons and served in numerous tours in Washington, D.C.  Following retirement from the Navy, he worked in both defense and commercial businesses, with the last 6 years specifically focused on scaling of successful entrepreneurial companies.

Dr. Michael Duffy, MD, CHO



My passion is to provide the best access for the most deserving patients.

Dr. Michael Duffy brings over 20 years of experience in clinical excellence and healthcare leadership to the role of Chief Health Officer and EVP of Healthcare Innovation.  Mike's passion lies in rethinking healthcare delivery systems to develop systems that better serve the patients and clinicians that rely on them. 


Prior to joining Ibis Health in November, 2020, Mike served as Senior Physician Executive of Northern Light Health Mercy Hospital, where he drove innovative improvements at the hospital and system levels, redesigning a Primary Care delivery system and leading a medical staff through the COVID pandemic. 


Prior to NLH Mercy, Mike was Medical Director of a Federally Qualified Health Center in Idaho where he designed systems to provide improved healthcare access to rural populations, and later used those lessons learned to bring care to Louisiana residents stranded by Hurricane Katrina.  Through it all, Mike has continued to actively practice Primary Care medicine, and treasures his relationships with his patients as some of the best things in life. 

Tom Arneman, CCO


As healthcare and technology converge, my mission is to support global healthcare and life science clients adapt business practices and apply digital health technologies. I'm particularly focused on supporting the interaction of patients, doctors, and scientists as they test and apply new digital models and technology.


The application of Digital Health relies on teamwork.