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15 Minutes Is All The Time Your Doctor Has For You...But That's Not Enough

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A doctor’s waiting room will tell you all you need to know about the problems they have with time. It’s not their fault - they are often forced to only schedule 15 minutes per patient. That’s why your doctor is always rushed and hard to get a hold of…

Ibis Health is here to help

We can’t change your doctor’s schedule, but we can help put the focus of your medical care where it belongs - ON YOU. If you are covered by Medicare Part B, Ibis Health has a unique program that is entirely focused on you and your care.

Doctor Check-Up

Ibis Health starts with a dedicated care team

Led by a doctor and skilled nurse practitioners, your Ibis Health care team can help you manage your care better. From answering questions about your medications or the severity of emerging symptoms, to simply checking in to see if everything is going well, Ibis Health is here to make it easier to follow your doctor’s care plan. 

And on top of that, Ibis gives you an easy-to-use tablet that can do things like remind you when it's time to take your meds, or record vital health stats like your blood sugar, blood pressure or weight. The time & attention that you get from your Ibis care team is what you need to guide you through your health issues, and make sure that the 15 minutes with your doctor are as productive as they can be.

If 15 minutes with your doctor isn’t enough, schedule a call with an Ibis Health representative to see if a dedicated care team can make a difference for you.

Member Success Stories

Is Ibis Right For Me?

Medicare Coverage: The Ibis Health Program, the IbisHub™ tablet and health tracking devices are all covered by Medicare Part B, and many beneficiaries with MediGap or Medicare Advantage plans bear no out of pocket costs.

We Work With Your Doctors: Ibis complements your existing care, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Let's Talk! Experience the support and peace of mind that Ibis Health offers.

With Ibis Health, managing your health becomes a team effort. Find confidence, support, and greater peace of mind on your health journey.

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