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Improved Geriatric Patient Satisfaction


We support patients daily between office visits with Geriatric specialists and dedicated Advocates

Compensated Chronic Care Management


We help grow your revenue with optimized CCM reimbursements and accelerated payments

Experts in Complex Patient Administration

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We field patient calls, monitor patients vitals daily, facilitate self-triage and promote adherence to your care plan 

Enabling Chronic Care Management for Medical Practices


I have seen nothing else that can address the challenges of COPD management.

Chief Pulmonologist,

Hospital Pulmonary Department


Adherence to Your
Treatment Plan

Ibis Health works closely with patients with multiple chronic conditions to turn your care plan into actionable self-care steps that they can follow everyday. 

Personalized self-care plans are realized through in-home AI technology with Telehealth to track users vitals and symptoms daily, medication adherence, exercise, diet and also other lifestyle choices.

Virtual Personalized Care, Daily

Ibis Health has a team of Remote Clinicians and dedicated Advocates who oversee each users daily progress and vital signs. 


When health exacerbations happen, or the patients vitals are trending in a concerning pattern, users get instant health alerts and step-by-step instructions for self-recovery.  Our Clinicians are also alerted and ready to check-in by phone with Clinical advice before the Patient calls your practice - or calls 911.  


Reduction in Hospital Admissions

Real-Time Health Alerts & Recovery


Reduction in Hospital Readmissions

Collaboration Improves Outcomes

We coordinate between patient, specialist, pharmacist and you to maintain the patient's overall health status. The Ibis Health team escalates situations requiring physician judgment or care plan review. 


Our patented AI platform thinks like the human brain and predicts health exacerbations and risks for health decline over time.  Our concise summaries and vitals reports inform your treatment plan for optimum health care access and utilization.

The Ibis Health care team consists of physicians, APRN’s and social workers who integrate evidence-based guidelines, PCP directives, and the patient’s and preferences.

Ibis Health Advocates reinforce this approach by developing close and trusting relationships with patients.  We guide patients to follow up on your treatment advice, field the majority of calls, consolidate medical charts and foster the sense of patient empowerment required to maintain their health.

Providing Value and Support


Independence, Confidence and Comfort