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Community - It Takes a Village

Ibis Health Social Workers Help You Access Community Resources

When you are enrolled in Ibis Health you will be assessed for any additional needs to support your Whole health. This includes:

  • Affordable Housing 

  • Nutritious meals - Meals on Wheels

  • Transportation to the Doctor

  • Clinical Counseling Services

 Ibis Health social workers identify where you may be eligible to apply for resources and support you to get what you need when you need help. Live More Comfortably

Aging man holding his pet dog

If you qualify for Medicaid you may be eligible for benefits that Medicare doesn't cover. 

See what Medicaid offers

Friends of Ibis Health - Helping You Live Well

Avesta Housing ME, NH

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Expanding access to healthcare and promoting positive health outcomes for residents living in our affordable properties are high priorities for Avesta Housing. 

By Nick Kjeldgaard, Resident Service Manager 

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