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"My patient visits are more productive"
Laura Berges, MD

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Treatment Plan


Ibis Health works with patients to turn your care plan into actionable self-care steps that they can follow everyday on the dedicated IbisHub tablet that we provide and set up. 

The IbisHub tablet tracks medication adherence, vitals, mood, exercise, and other steps patients take to manage their health daily. Patients can also contact the Ibis Health care team with questions or issues at any time.

 Experts in Treating Complex Patients


The Ibis Health care team consists of physicians, APRN’s and social workers who integrate evidence-based guidelines, PCP directives, and the patient’s preferences.


Ibis Health Member Advocates reinforce this approach by developing close and trusting relationships with patients.

Reducing the Burden on Your Staff


Ibis Health monitors and triages patient issues between office visits, helping patients resolve most of them without calls to your practice.


The Ibis Health team escalates situations requiring physician judgement or changes to the care plan, accompanied by concise summaries of patient progress as well as vitals history.

 Supporting Complex Medicare Patients


adherence to treatment plan


reduction in


reduction in

98 NPS

independence, confidence, comfort

 We are commited to Your Care Plan


I have seen nothing else that can address the challenges of COPD management.

Chief Pulmonologist,

Hospital Pulmonary Department