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Daily, Personalized Virtual Care Between Office Visits

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New Revenue

CMS has recognized that chronic patients need ongoing virtual care between visits, creating reimbursement policies for Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI).


Ibis Health supports patients with multiple chronic conditions and enables clinicians to extend their reach and increase revenue with our comprehensive, turnkey system.

Ibis Health delivers coordinated CCM, RPM and BHI services for new revenue through our web-based IbisNexus™ platform.


CCM - reimbursement for care coordination and support between visits for the whole health of the patient.


RPM - continuous remote physiological monitoring engages patients, informs care teams and reduces acute care.


BHI - integrated services for behavioral health enables more efficient care delivery with virtual CCM.

How does it work?

30 Days

To Start Billing 
Virtual CCM

It's Easy to Get Started

There is no upfront cost for practices to deliver Ibis Health CCM services and no disruption to existing workflows. The Ibis Health Program costs yields approximately 70% of all generated revenue directly to the practice.

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HIPAA compliant

Ibis Health is fully HIPPA compliant

Ibis Health is a part of Senscio Systems Inc. a technology-enabled population health company redefining chronic care management for the most complex health.


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