Your Comprehensive Ibis Health Care Team

We Advocate for Your Ongoing Health


Here to Guide Your Health Journey

Your Ibis Health Advocate will be your guide throughout your health journey, every day, every month and every year. Easy Access to Care

  • Reviews your Doctor's reports

  • Follows up with you regularly

  • Coordinates your overall care plan

Help at the Touch of a Button

Your advocate can be reached by the touch of a button, by phone or by text. Providing you peace of mind that someone is there to help you when you need it. Worry Less


Daily Plans as Individual as You

We listen to your needs, concerns and your ideas to form achievable goals together for your WHOLE health

Worry Less

Healthy Living Choices

Own Your Health

Live More Comfortably

Easy Access to Care

You are the Center of the Care Team

Ibis Health works with you, your Primary Care Doctor and your Specialists to deliver you a personal level of care that covers your medication, vitals, symptom management and day-to-day healthy living.


Daily Whole Health Support


Medication Reminders





Help a Call Away

Your Primary Doctor and Specialists treat you in-person at the Doctor’s office or Hospital. And the Ibis Health Team helps you keep your health on track, every day, remotely. 


Ibis Health Clinicians Monitor You Continuously


Ibis Health Clinician

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Your Ibis Health Clinician specializes in long lasting conditions or 'chronic conditions'.

Ibis Health Nurse

man in blue crew neck t-shirt smiling_ed

Your Ibis Health Nurse keeps a close eye on your daily vitals and health information.

Ibis Health Social Worker


Our Social Workers are here for you, to develop skills that allow you take charge of your needs.

Ibis Health Pharmacist

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Our Pharmacists review all of your medications and advise your PCP if changes are required.