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Daily Self-Care Centered on You

Personalized Virtual Care

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Supporting Your Individual Needs

Living 'well' means different things to each individual.

Ibis Health creates personalized "self-care" plans for your individual needs.  We support you to be the healthiest you can be, at home. Own Your Health

Constantly Connected

Your personal Telehealth tools are always connected to your Care Team. And you are remotely monitored each and every day, with help a call away.  Worry Less

How does Ibis Health work remotely? 

Ibis Health is a comprehensive virtual care service, aligned to your Primary Care Practitioners treatment plan.  With in-house clinical staff and secure Telehealth tools in your home. 

Healthy Living Choices
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By learning to make better choices and manage your health set-backs at home, you can prevent unwanted trips to the hospital. Your plan supports your body, mind and spirit for your Whole Health.

Regular Telehealth Visits
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You meet regularly with your advocate to check on your health by phone or through your tablet. The Ibis Health Nurse calls when you need it, such as when you need medical advice.

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Daily Self-Care Steps
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Every day you get a list of tasks to do at set times through your day. Instant reminders to take your medications, to record your vitals, eat, exercise, relax and more.

Instant Alerts and Remedy 
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When something isn't quite right with your vitals, you get an instant alert with step-by-step instructions to help you resolve your symptoms at home.

Personal Goals for Personal Care
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You set your own goals for your self-care plan with the Ibis Clinical team. You review your progress regularly with your care team and set new goals. 

Take Your Own Vitals
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Recording your daily vitals is easier than you think. Ibis Health will provide you with FDA-approved medical devices and teach you how to use them. 

Constant  Connection
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Ibis™ is constantly connected and Ibis Health Clinicians monitor your vitals daily. You can also send messages directly to you advocate anytime. 

Reports and Review
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You can access your health notes and vital charts through Ibis™. Monthly reports are mailed to you and your Doctor so you can easily see your progress.

Personal plan
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