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Your Ibis Health support team

Personal Member Advocates support you when you need it

Elyse Callahan, Member Advocate for Ibis Health

Working on what matters to you

Your Ibis Advocate coaches you throughout your health journey, checking in with you monthly and coordinating between your care providers. 

  • Follows up with you regularly

  • Helps you access what you need

  • Coordinates your overall care plan

Help at the touch of a button

Your advocate can be reached by the touch of a button, by phone or by text. Providing you peace of mind that someone is there to help you when you need it. 

Personalized care and support

We listen to your needs, concerns and your ideas to form achievable goals together for your WHOLE health

Worry Less
Healthy Living Choices
Own Your Health
Live More Comfortably
Easy Access to Care

Healthy Living Choices

Senior lady lifting weights

By learning to make better choices and manage your health set-backs at home, you can prevent unwanted trips to the doctor. Your plan supports your body, mind and spirit for your Whole Health.

Regular Telehealth Visits

Senior man with Ibis tablet

You check-in regularly with your advocate by phone or through your tablet. Ibis Health clinicians call when you need it, such as when a red flag highlights a potential issue or when you need medical advice.

how it works

Easy Self-Care Steps

Senior man eating breakfast

Every day you get reminders to take your medications, to record your vitals, eat, exercise, relax and more.

Instant Alerts and Advice

Senior lady with nebulizer for COPD

When something isn't quite right with your vitals, you get an instant alert with step-by-step instructions to help you resolve your symptoms at home.

Covered by Medicare Part B and Medicare Supplemental Insurance 

If you have 2 or more chronic conditions that you expect to last at least a year, Medicare may pay for a health care provider’s help to manage those conditions.

Personal Goals for Your Health

Icon with individual for personal health care

You set your own goals with the Ibis clinical team. You review your progress regularly with your care team and set new goals. 

Take Your Own Vitals

Icon with heart and EKG reading for vitals monitoring

Recording your daily vitals is easier than you think. Ibis Health will provide you all medical devices and teach you how to use them. 

Constant  Connection

Icon with Ibis Telehealth tablet for constant connection

Ibis™ is constantly connected and clinicians monitor your vitals daily. You can also send messages directly to your advocate anytime. 

Reports and Review

Icon with charts on a monitor showing access to health data

You can access your health data through Ibis™. Monthly reports are mailed to you and your doctor so you can easily see your progress.

Personal plan
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