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A family company serving Medicare members

From our family to yours - welcome

Piali De, PHD

The Ibis Health Program was created by Senscio Systems, a digital healthcare company founded by a family team.

The Ibis Health team deeply understands the challenge of living with ongoing chronic health conditions and how hard it can be to access care when you need it. 


Our members are always first for us at Ibis Health, and we place you at the center of your care.

Piali De, PhD, CEO

Our Mission

To help our members stay healthy at home by understanding their own health better; increasing access to coordinated and reliable care; experiencing fewer health setbacks and having the power to live more independently, confidently and comfortably.

The Ibis Health Clinical Team


Ibis Health clinicians

Ibis Health clinician

Ibis Health clinicians specialize in long lasting conditions or 'chronic conditions'.

Ibis Health nurses

Ibis health nurse

Ibis Health nurses keeps a close eye on your daily vitals and coordinate your care.

Ibis Health social workers

Ibis Health social worker

Social workers work with you to develop skills to allow you to take charge of your needs.

Ibis Health pharmacists

Ibis health pharmacist

Pharmacists review your medications and advise your PCP if changes may be required.

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