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The power to manage your health your way

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Helping you manage your health

The Ibis Health Program is covered by Medicare Part B,

helping you manage your health at home and on the go 

in Control


Stay Healthy
at Home

Take control of your health
Live more independently
Reduce hospital visits

Learn how to manage your health better so you can live better

Access the care you need from the comfort of home

Better self-care leads to fewer unwanted trips to the hospital or ER

Who needs Ibis?

Do you or a loved one
Take Multiple Medications ?
Have 2 or more chronic health conditions ?

Conditions include:

COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes,

Heart Failure, Arthritis, Kidney Disease, High Cholesterol, Depression, Anxiety Disorders.....

Who pays?

A Medicare Part B covered service
Call us to see if you are eligible for Ibis Health

Ibis accepts all Medicare supplemental insurance and many Medicare Advantage plans.


Call us to verify.

How do I start?

Contact our friendly advisors with any questions and to learn more

Power to Live Well

Ibis Health works with your primary care team and your specialists to coordinate your medication, vitals, symptom management and day-to-day healthy living. You receive a dedicated member advocate to support you when you need and a personalized Ibis tablet.

Charlie Gagnon, Ibis member "It makes me the expert of my own body and its hunger signals..."



Hand holding a heart symbol, to support your whole health
Symbol of a computer screen with health data, showing continuous monitoring.



Symbol of pills, showing medication reminders

Supporting You on Your Health Journey, One Step at a Time

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